Kolping Free Play Friday’s !!!!!!!!

Free Play Fridays New Kolping Logo 2007

 Grab a cooler of drinks, your kids and their soccer gear and come to Kolping for Free Play Fridays from 5pm until the ball stops! 3/30, 4/13, 5/4, and 5/11 I would like to start a informal get together for families who love soccer and getting together on a Friday night with other families so we can get to know each other as a club. There are a lot of multi kid families and I love seeing the older and younger siblings playing together like backyard soccer when we were kids. Times are different so getting the kids together on Fridays is a great chance to let them be creative without a coach or parent telling them what to do. Lay out the cones and put up goals and let them pick teams and go at it while we mingle and watch from the side. This is also a great chance for new kids who want to come check out the club or meet the coach to do so throughout the year. Very informal and might be for more of the younger kids but at least make it open to everyone. Possibly a 4v4, 7v7 field by the wall and clubhouse and maybe a 11v11 game on field 1 for the older boys. All close to the clubhouse and parking lot. For more information call or email me at adamtish@hotmail.com or 3144229741 

 Thank you Adam Tish
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2007 Kolping Boys (Derleth) Finalist at RealSTL Mayhem Tournament this weekend!!!!!

Derleth 2018-Real

The 2007 Kolping SC Derleth boys played in the Real StL March Mayhem tournament this weekend, and had great tournament until the weather ruined it. They went undefeated in regular play with 1-1 tie Friday,  and 2-1 win Saturday.  Based on points they were the #3 seed going into Sunday, and got a rematch against the team they tied. After going down 1-0 in the first half they struck halfway through the 2nd on a free kick, then scored the go ahead goal on a great run down the line which lead to perfect cross and finish to take the lead, with less than 3 minutes left. Before they could play the championship game, the weather came in and ruined our opportunity to play the #1 seed for the Championship. Based on tournament rules we came up short and had to settle for 2nd because of it. Another great tournament for them.

New 2006 Girls Team being formed at Kolping to be coached by Matt Jones

The New Team will be a 2006 Girls Team, Here is a little backround from Matt. 


Let me tell you a little about myself.  I grew up in St. Louis and went to Westminster Christian Academy.  I have played soccer all of my life from grade school up through college.  I currently coach an 05/06 team for my son, and now my daughter wants to play at the select level as well.  

I would like to recruit 16 or 17 girls for this new team.  I like to focus on fundamentals and conditioning.  If you have a good touch on the ball, and you can outrun the other team, you will usually win the game.

Practices will be Monday and Thursday nights.  Monday will be a combination of the technical training provided by the club, and conditioning training after that.  Thursday training will be more technical and will focus on footwork, ball movement, and shooting.

Please let me know if you have questions.



Coach Matt Jones