Kolping 2018 Tryouts

Kolping Teams for High School 2018-19 Season

please check back for updates

Kolping Kicks Soccer Complex 4680 Meramec Bottom Rd, St. Louis, MO 63128

Click on the Orange Age group for link the Team Page. 

2000 Boys (Poelzl) No Tryouts set at this point contact Joe at joe.poelzl@pgav.com

2000 Boys (Moore) Will be looking for a few high level players for 2019 Spring season. Steve Moore smoore@kmox.com 

2001 Boys (Intagliata) No Tryouts set at this point contact Corey at shannon@unicosystems.com

2002 Boys (Uelsmann) Tryouts will be held on 11/17 and 11/18 time TBD contact Scott at uelsmann@sbcglobal.net

2003 Boys (Basler) No Tryouts set at this point. Contact Darin Basler at darin.basler@raymondjames.com 

2003 Boys (Spinks) No Tryouts at this point. Contact Mike at spinksmike68@yahoo.com

2003 Boys (Schmitt) No Tryouts at this point. Contact Tony at Tony_Schmitt@icloud.com

2004 Boys (Plastridge) No Tryouts at this point. Contact Bob at bob.baseball@gmail.com or Eric Hall at ejhall.eh@gmail.com

2005 Boys (Bates)  No Tryouts at this point. Contact Chris at batescr@gmail.com

2005 Boys (Preusser) Contact Tom at ktpreusser1@gmail.com

2005 Boys (Jones) For Info contact Matt Jones at jonesy777@gmail.com 

2006 Boys (Uelsmann) No Tryouts at this point. uelsmann@sbcglobal.net 

2006 Boys (Zwilling)  No Tryouts at this point. Contact Ken at kmzwill@prodigy.net

2006 Boys (McAnany) No Tryouts at this point. Contact Steve at stephenmcanany@gmail.com

2007 Boys (Derleth)  No Tryouts at this point.Bryon at bryon.derleth@gmail.com

2007 Boys (Gale)  Contact Brian Gale at 314-504-8724 or bgale@roesleinae.com 

2007 Boys (Schuermeyer) Contact Greg at gschuermeyer@sbcglobal.net 

2008 Boys (Kuehn)   Contact Mike Kuehn  parpac316316@yahoo.com  or Bryon Derleth @ bryon.derleth@gmail.com

2008 Boys (Cook)  Please contact Joe at joseph_cook@att.net

2009 Boys (Tish) Please contact Adam at 314-422-9741 or adamtish@hotmail.com for any questions.

2010 Boys (Brockmeyer) Contact Andrew at drewsoccer17@gmail.com

2000 Girls (Kraus)  Contact Tom Kraus at  tkraus@abecu.org

2001 Girls (Doggendorf)  Contact Doug Doggendorf at dougdoggendorf@att.net

2002-2003 Girls (Lanzafame) for more info please contact Eric at lushafame@yahoo.com

2002 Girls (Gillick) Contact Brian Gillick at  gillicksoccer@gmail.com

2003 Girls (Gillick)  Contact Brian Gillick at  gillicksoccer@gmail.com or Joe Miskovic at joseph.miskovic@health.slu.edu 

2004 Girls (Gillick) Contact Brian Gillick at gillicksoccer@gmail.com 

2004 Girls (Morton) No Tryouts set at this point, please contact Dena at denamorton@wustl.edu

2004 Girls (Cook)   Contact Joe Cook at joseph_cook@att.net or Joe Miskovic at  joseph.miskovic@health.slu.edu 

2005 Girls (Gillick) Contact Brian Gillick at gillicksoccer@gmail.com

2006 Girls (Schmitz) Please contact Eric Schmitz at methecoach@hotmail.com

2006 Girls (Jones) For more info contact Matt at jonesy777@gmail.com or Denise dwieberg01@yahoo.com 

2007 Girls (Miskovic) Contact Joe MIskovic at joseph.miskovic@health.slu.edu 

 2008 Girls (Preusser) Contact Tom at ktpreusser1@gmail.com

2008 Girls (Moeckel) Contact Erin Moeckel at 314.761.6382 or mailto: moeckel.erin@gmail.com

2009 Girls (Lampe) Contact Joe MIskovic at joseph.miskovic@health.slu.edu or Paul Lampe at kksc@att.net

 2010 Girls (Derleth)  Contact Bryon at bryon.derleth@gmail.com